Monday, May 12, 2014

One wise woman

A wise woman knows . . .it is not about performing well . . .it is about serving well.

Today I was thinking about a scripture that Lysa TerKeurst spoke on last summer (at the She Speaks conference -- which was AMAZING - the whole conference).  The scripture is from 2 Samuel 20 . . .and Lisa spoke about the ONE WISE WOMAN.

So today in my crazy brain I've been thinking . . .what makes a woman wise?  What makes a Christian woman wise?  What does being wise really mean to us?  You know - all those kinds of questions that go 'round and 'round in our heads sometimes (that happens to you, right?  please tell me it does!)

I think one of the reasons that I have been thinking about this concept is because I am training for my new job.  Mary and I worked together for a while today (now weeks ago) and she just knows (she knew) so much stuff about the church and ministry and people.  So does knowledge make us wise?  Does common sense make us wise women? (started working on this post a while back . . .Mary was indeed a wise woman . . .she had more institutional memory than anyone I have ever met . . .every day I wish that I could call her to ask questions about this job . . .Mary was indeed a wise woman and we miss her terribly)

Then I was thinking about what it feels like to be 27 or 29 or 24 years old . . .and to be a female in today's world . . . and about all the decisions these young women have to make . . .about life and dating and careers and friends.  What makes a young woman wise?  Does happiness make us wise?  Does an education make us wise?  Does a husband or a boyfriend make us wise?

Of course, I've still been consumed with thoughts of Nancy and her life.  Nancy always asked about others.  She wanted to know about each one of us.  Does compassion make us wise?  Does a loving spirit make us wise women?

I was thinking about how special God has created each one of us. . . yet how we think we need to change or conform . . .we need to change so that we fit the mold . . .or we need to change to get "a man" (not me - got one - don't need another) . . and I thought how unwise that thought process could be.  Are there societal ideals that we THINK make us wise?

I think a wise woman is one who seeks daily nourishment from Jesus Christ . . .a woman who KNOWS that she cannot exist without that contact with Jesus.  I think a wise woman loves herself and loves others . . .I think a wise woman spends time in fellowship with other Christians . . .I think a wise woman studies and grows.  I think a wise woman realizes that she was created by God himself and is special . . .but not more special than anyone else (not haughty or proud).  I think a wise woman laughs a lot (surely she does, right?).  I think a wise woman knows how to listen. . . .when to speak and when to remain silent.

What do you think are the characteristics of a wise woman?

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Quiltbirdie said...

A wise woman listens more than she speaks - that's how she gets so wise! Seriously, she listens for that "still, small voice." She also listens to people - both to hear what they say and also what the don't say.