Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What is HE going to say over the next three days?

It has rained and rained and rained some more . . . and as I was driving to work this week, this was my view.  Yes, I was on the interstate and yes, I took this picture and  yes, I know it was stupid but I had to take this picture.  I promise that I endangered no one.  I leave for work later than most of the rest of my town so I was not in rush hour traffic.  Look . . .it is like the eyes of God.  This is not a touched up picture.  I took it with my phone propped on top of the steering wheel.  My caption on instagram was something like "God's eyes are blue?" . . . so that is how my week began . . .seeing the eyes of God.

Last night, we hosted our Tuesday night young professionals group.  Goodness gracious.  Mark and I love those young adults.  We are doing a study called Soul  Detox and it is so good.  The presenter is a little different from others we have used before but the "meat" is good stuff.  Last night was about radioactive relationships.  This topic is so important for every age but it EXTREMELY important for these young adults who are making decisions regarding relationships with potential spouses, friends, etc.  Good stuff.  Every close relationship in your life is either a spiritual asset or a spiritual curse.

Today I drove more miles by myself than ever before. A first!   I actually did a fist pump in the car when I navigated through Atlanta and landed on the other side safely!  I am so thankful that I don't have to navigate through Atlanta traffic every day.  I listened to a lot of satellite radio - I love The Message - channel 63 on my satellite.  I also caught up on some phone conversations - hands free!!  It was a big day!  My best friend of 25+ years became a grandmother for the first time . . so we had to talk about that!!  I also talked to my "boss" and my sister and my mother-in-law and my son and my husband.  I DID NOT TEXT while driving.  I did text with my daughter and two friends while at the gas station and while at Hardees or some hamburger place.  I went in and ate lunch at a table by myself!!  I decided I needed to get out of the car for a few minutes.

I tried to connect with some of the other conference attendees tonight.  I am an extrovert. . . EXCEPT when I am the only person I know . . .and then I become shy and an introvert.  It is rare but it is true.  So I actually flung myself out there on facebook and asked if I could join some folks at a meet and greet tonight . . and no one answered me back . . .soooooooooo . . .I went down to the bistro in my hotel and ordered this
(I paid for it! - the conference doesn't start until tomorrow!!)

and a really good burger (I just realized I ate two hamburgers in one day - only one bun!) and once again sat at a table by myself and ate dinner (that sounds really pitiful!!!!).  Then I came back up to my room and watched a Disney movie which was a treat (really!!  Beverly Hills Chihauhau - cute movie!).  I never get to watch anything like that anymore because all we watch is "boy/man" tv.  You know - we watch "naked and afraid" and "duck dynasty" and "swamp people" and "life below zero" (or something like that) . . .or rather Mark watches those and I sit in the room and sort of listen and either read a book on my kindle or look at facebook or blog. .  .but at least we are in the same room, right?

So, I don't think I've taken very many selfie pictures before but here I am.  I am in my room at the hotel.  I gave up my room at the fancy hotel because the conference planners called me and asked me if I would be willing to do so.  They offered me a night with one of the main speakers/authors along with 60 other women.  I drove down the street to the other hotel to check it out today.  The main hotel is much fancier.  We were supposed to be able to walk back and forth between the hotels but it is uphill from the conference center/hotel back to my hotel . . .all the way uphill . . .so I am not sure how many times I am going to be hoofing it up that hill.  I think I will just pack my toothbrush in my purse tomorrow morning and see how the day goes. 

So I am here . . .and I spent a lot of time praying and listening to praise music today in the car.  The conference is She Speaks but I am hoping that I hear God speak this weekend.  I feel like a sponge that has been left on the side of the sink while the family has been on a two week vacation . . .a little dried out?  I am ready to soak up everything He has to say this weekend.  Speak Lord Speak!  Speak loudly!  Speak softly!  Speak where I can hear you!  Speak Lord Speak!  Speak to me!  Speak through me!

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