Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Celebration goes on and on, my friend . . .

Well . . .I'm running a little over a month behind on my blog. I have such good intentions of blogging every day or every other day . . .and then I get busy . . .or realize that I don't have anything to write about!! In August, we celebrate Mark's birthday. Our first celebration was dinner at PF Changs with our best friends, Guy and Phella. I don't have a picture from that night but the food, fellowship and conversation were really good. Can you tell that I am all about the relationship? I love our friends and family!! Guy wrapped Mark's present in a t-shirt and it was a great gift. The gift was a really cool shirt which Mark has worn several times and Guy wrapped it in a t-shirt from "Mark's" sporting goods and he wrapped it so that the word "Mark's" was on top . . .kind of cool - a Mark's shirt for Mark!! Our next celebration was on Tuesday night - his actual birthday. I emailed all of the young adults that attend and asked them to bring a funny card for Mark and I ordered a cake for our dessert.

We had a great group that night and it was fun to celebrate with the young adults.  Mark received some funny cards!!

We were getting ready to sing in this one . . ..

and there is no telling what Mark said that made Lydia laugh so hard . . .

Our next celebration was a multiple birthday celebration on the Sunday after Mark's birthday.  Since Mark is an identical twin, we celebrated both Mark and George's birthdays AND we celebrated Bill's birthday which is also in August.  Bill is their younger brother.  Mark's momma usually makes three cakes but Mark and George convinced her that they would share a carrot cake this year so she only had to make two cakes.  Mark brought his leftover cake home and cut it into slices and froze them and he has been eating on it ever since.  He ate the last piece this week after a particularly stressful day.

Bill had to blow out a lot of candles . . .but he is not as old as Mark and George!!  We don't ever put the right number.  Sometimes I put three - past, present and future.

I love this one - they were trying to see who could blow out the candles first and fastest.

Mark's mom tries to make everyone's birthday special . . .and we always celebrate birthdays at her house on Sunday only!!

This year, the celebration did indeed go on and on . . .for at least a week!

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