Monday, September 10, 2012

Getting ready for Baby Sam!!

I sure do love working with so many young adults. I love the fact that they all keep having babies and we keep having baby showers. Some of Vaughan's friends hosted the cutest shower for her. Each guest received an invitation and in the invitation was a piece of clothing - either a onesie, a cap or a bib. I received a bib. We were asked to decorate the item of clothing and bring the item (along with our gift) to the shower.  We were told via a note that during the shower, Vaughan would guess who decorated which piece of clothing. 

When we arrived at the shower, the hostesses had a clothesline and they pinned each bib, cap and onesie on the line. I wish I had taken a picture because it was so cute. She had college themed items and church themed items and little boy items. So cute and so creative. Many people either monogrammed on the item or had an applique applied.  I never even thought to take my item to someone else to sew, etc.  I immediately started trying to think of how I wanted to decorate.  I decided to go with a holiday item because every little boy needs a Christmas bib.  I used my silhouette SD to cut a paper pattern and then traced onto adhesive felt.  I am not sure how well it will wash . . .but maybe he can wear it at least once.  I am showcasing sweet Sam's bib over a glass filled with frozen margarita!!

We also always have an office shower.  Amy had purchased the great lanterns for the shower that I attended (above).  She brought them to the office so we could use them for decorating the office.  Perfect!!  We have to do something to make it "feel" like a party.

Ann's (the business administrator) daughter made the cake.

We had all sorts of other goodies - nuts and punch and little pinwheel sandwiches and raw veggies and dip.  When we plan showers in the office, we just put a sign up sheet at the receptionist's desk and ask everyone to sign up to bring something.  We always end up with a great assortment.

You can tell that Vaughan was ready to have that baby!!

Let's see. . .we have Ann and Linda and Karen and Jeanne sitting on the front row.  That is Twink on the back row.  Don't you just love her name?  I wish you could see her sweet face!!  Amy is sitting next to her and then Hans and Mary are standing in the background.

They received all sorts of sweet gifts including diapers from the office.  One of the new trends is for babies to wear cloth diapers.  What goes around comes around.  The diapers are so fancy these days.  The diaper snaps into a cover and you can even get a hose that attaches to the toilet to rinse the diapers.  Smart people created that!!!  One friend says that she lays the diapers out in the sunshine so that they will bleach out and remain white!!!

I think this picture is so cute of Drew and Vaughan . . .and now baby Sam has arrived and they are a sweet family of three!!


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