Sunday, September 2, 2012

I knew this would be a gorgeous wedding . . .

I've known Angela for most of our "child raising" years . . .as a matter of fact, we were in a "Bitch and Stitch" group many years ago back in the days when we were still smocking for our girls.  Now the name was not officially "Bitch and Stitch" but that is what I always called it (and others did also).  We would gather with our smocking or other hand sewing and as fast as our fingers stitched . . .our mouths . . .. well you know!!  Actually, we laughed a lot.  Good and cheap therapy for young mothers!!  Anyway, Angela has gorgeous taste - she dresses beautifully.  Her house is incredibly decorated.  So I knew that Allie's (Angela's daughter) wedding would be wonderful.  It did not disappoint.  We knew that we would need to arrive early for a good seat.  We have a large church but I really wanted an aisle seat. 

We have some incredibly talented women at Trinity and they arranged these amazing flowers on the altar.  The church was beautiful - flowers everywhere.  The ceremony itself was lovely.  I didn't take any pictures during that time.  In our church, a wedding is considered a worship service - not just a wedding ceremony.  We are there to worship and glorify God . . .so I put the camera away.

After the wedding, most of the guests drove to the reception which was held at The Club.  Once again, the flowers did not disappoint.  Janet Jackson at Flower Buds arranged a lot of those (maybe all?) flowers.  They had wonderful food stations set up around the room and the bartenders were serving wine and beer.  Something you might not know . . .if you have your reception at the church, you may not serve alcohol.  Seems like most people now have their receptions at another location.

This picture is a little blurry - Allie dancing with her daddy.  Sweet!!  Actually several of the pictures are blurry.  My Iphone takes really good photos but I was holding it around people, etc. and getting bumped.

You know that we love to spend time with friends.  This reception was fun because there were lots of friends present!!  Good food, good drinks, lots of friends and good music = a great night!!  I have no idea where Ken was so I have a great picture of Kay (love the color of her dress!!) and Mark and our friends, Donna and Dean.

The music was great!!!  I don't know the name of this group but I loved their music!!  There were lots of people dancing . . .even . . .

Butch and Roy - they were dancing like crazy and having a good time!!!  Butch told me that she "paid the price" the next day but she was having a good time at that moment.  Sometimes we just have to live, don't we?  I think every person on this earth needs something in their lives that brings a little joy!!
Everything about the evening was done well and now Allie and Wesley are happily married.  We sat with them at a recent couple's shower and they do indeed seem so happy!!

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