Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Caring can heal lots of things

On Sunday, we talked about caring and compassion in our Sunday School class. We have been using a book by James Moore and I love how he always has three points. This week, it was Caring can help heal folks physically and he shared a wonderful story about a 15 year old boy who sat beside a young girl who wasn't expected to live through the night. For hours, he talked non-stop saying things like, "Breathe Kathy Breathe. In the springtime we will make dandelion chains." "Breathe Kathy Breath. In the springtime we will go out on the bridge and try to count the minnows." Breath Kathy Breath - over and over again and the young girl's breathing finally slowed to a normal rythm and a miracle occurred. He cared! Caring can also help heal folks socially. I used an example I just read in the book "same kind of different As me." Denver was a homeless man and he was remembering a birthday party and it was a special story. Denver was healed socially by a couple of folks who cared greatly. We can also be healed spiritually because we have a heavenly father who cares about us more than anything. He created us. We are in his image. I am his daughter! His daughter!!! That is so amazing to me. God can heal us physically -whether on this side of heaven or the other; God can heal us socially and God can heal us spiritually and we are called to be his helpers. Look around you today . . . I imagine there is someone who needs to experience healing in some form or fashion. What can you do to be the hands and feet of Jesus?

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