Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Celebrations with Cousins

I was blessed to marry into a large family. My husband has a twin brother, a younger brother and a younger sister. Each one is married with a family of their own. But the even bigger family is something to behold. There are 12 first cousins and Mark's immediate family and one family of cousins has remained very close over the years. (At Christmas they all get together!! - all 12 first cousins and their families and aunts and uncles!) We have celebrated the fourth of July with the Harris family for many years. I was thinking back over the many celebrations and have been digging through picture boxes to locate some pictures of days gone by. Let's see - how about this one. The kids spent hours jumping off the top of the boat house. At one point, all the adults jumped also. I only did it once BUT I DID IT! There were many boat rides with the kids riding the tube and the adults would all show off their skills at skiing!! I've also included a picture of Laura several years ago and also one of Lydia and Laura this year. She was able to go with us this year for the first time in many years. She would always choose to work on the 4th because she got time and a half but this year is doing her internship. Now for a couple of pictures from this year. It was a fun year but a much more laid back year. There was a boat ride with all those 22 and under riding the tube. There was good food and laughter. There was thanks that Mark's cousin Nancy is doing well after a year of chemo and radiation. There were chocolate candy bar brownies. There was sunshine. It was a good year . . . just different from the years when we had kids begging to ride the wave runner just one more time and kids begging to go for one more boat ride. But we have much for which we are thankful. Celebrations with cousins are pretty special! ok - all my pictures are stuck at the first - and actually the newest pictures are first (the first 4 or so are 2009) - how in the world do you fix that??

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