Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Coach! Coach!!

Our son, Glenn graduated from Auburn in May and will start grad school back in Auburn in August. This summer he is a counselor at Camp Ozark in Arkansas, which is a Christian Sports camp. He has one of the dream jobs for a 22 year old young man. He teaches all shooting sports in the mornings - skeet shooting, etc. In the afternoons, he teaches the rope course, swimming lessons and some mountain bike lessons. He gets paid to play outside all day. Perfect job for Glenn. We only hear from him about once a week because there is no cell service at the camp. They get an "off day" every week or so and they drive into Hot Springs to do laundry, make a few phone calls, eat in a restaurant, go to the movies, etc. Yesterday was his off day so I anticipated his call!! He told me a funny story while we talked. His cabin consists of 13 year old boys and evidently they are all girl crazy :-) Imagine that? But during the day, they have tribal competitions and his tribe consists of 8 year old boys - the Osage tribe. By the way, they are undefeated!! There is a little boy in his tribe who said to him as they competed, "Coach! Coach! I've made some calculations. If we all throw the ball at a 32 degree angle, we can ring the hole." Isn't that so cute? An 8 year old boy "calculating" how they can all get that football through a hole in a board. I asked Glenn about his response. He replied, "I'll take that under advisement."

So this summer, Glenn is "Coach! Coach!" Laura, working at the preschool is "Miss Lawa, Miss Lawa" and I'm still mom - mother of two pretty much grown children and I'm proud of them.

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