Friday, October 13, 2017

Hold You??

I actually have a title for a more meaningful post going in my head right now but instead . . .I bring you some time with our sweet granddaughter.

We had the privilege of keeping her overnight a couple of weeks ago while her parents cheered on the Auburn Tigers.

We bought a trike and enjoyed pushing her around the park.

This child ADORES her pops.  Pop - pop - pop!

It is so nice living right across from the park - we walked out to the park three different times throughout the day.

She was afraid to go down the big slide by herself so Mark was sliding with her.  Later in the day, there were bigger boys sliding and she wanted to do it all by herself - peer pressure at 18 months is a real thing!!

It was a gorgeous day - sun was shining enough that we had to struggle with sunscreen.  Oh goodness - babies hate sunscreen.

When you stay overnight at Gran and Pops, you might receive a ginormous blueberry muffin from Sprouts for breakfast. . .and you might leave crumbs EVERYWHERE but Pop swept them all up and never complained because he loves this girl so much!

Whole Foods is opening a couple of miles from our house and we received an invitation to a pumpkin patch hosted by Whole Foods.  We were so excited . . .and then a tad disappointed because it wasn't really a pumpkin patch at all.  We decided to make the best of it!

Sweet girl picked out her pumpkin immediately and though we looked at others, the original pumpkin was THE ONE she wanted.

She has a totally perplexed look on her face in this one.

She enjoyed running up and down the hill after picking out her pumpkin - snack in one hand and "botcha" (bottle/cup) in the other hand!

What does Harvey have to do with a grandbaby weekend?  He is worn out when she leaves.  He is still not sure about this thing called "a child" - who is she? why is she here? why does she pull my tail? why does she try to ride me? I need to sleep now!

Everyone told us that it would be wonderful to be a grandparent and they were right.  There is nothing like hearing her say the words, "hold you" meaning she wants you to hold her.  When she says those words to either one of us, we pick her up!!  This stage is gone before you can blink so we are trying to soak up every moment!

p.s. Our Whole Foods opens this weekend!  Yay!  The redeeming part of their pumpkin patch was everyone got a $15 off $50 purchase card (but I can't remember where I put mine - wah!).

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