Saturday, October 5, 2013

Satisfying, Sumptuous, Savory Saturday

Satisfying, Sumptuous, Savory Saturdays

New Recipe!!

Sweet and Hot Pinwheels

For our supper club each month, we each prepare a portion of the meal.  The host home provides the main dish and everyone else brings either the salad, veggie, starch, dessert, appetizer.  I was in charge of the appetizer in September and Mark challenged me to come up with something new and interesting!  So . . .I did it!!

You will need large flour tortillas - 5 or 6
dried cranberries - about a cup - actually I used about 3/4 of the package - think it was a 7 ounce package
chopped pecans -  1/2 cup
whipped cream cheese - 8 ounce container
feta cheese - the little square container - crumbled - at least a cup - maybe more (I'm going to add a little more next time)
green onions - 2 or 3 chopped in very small pieces
hot pepper jelly - I used Tabasco pepper jelly which I purchased at Walmart and loved it!!

I thought I took a picture of these beautiful and delicious creations but it is nowhere to be found on my phone!!!  Take my word for it, they are lovely.

Want to know how to make them?

Mix (I used my mixer) the cream cheese and feta cheese together.  Add cranberries, pecans and green onions.  Stir well.
Get out a tortilla and spread some of the pepper jelly on the tortilla.  Then add a layer of the cream cheese mixture.  I started with several spoonfuls down the center and then kind of patted it out toward the edge.  It is not very spreadable.  Next time, I might try putting the cream cheese mixture down on the tortilla first and then the jelly.  I don't want to mix it together though - I think it would lose some of its bite.

Now roll up that tortilla - you need to put stuff all the way to the edge so that when it rolls up, you can see the mixture on the end - otherwise, you will have wasted ends.  Wrap that rolled up tortilla in some wax paper and twist the ends.  Put it in the fridge to chill.  Continue with remaining mixture and tortillas.  (I had a few tortillas left which was great because I made cheese quesadillas a couple of days later!!)

The sweet and hot rolls need to chill for a couple of hours at least.  You could probably even make them the day before.  I got out the electric knife and made quick work of the slicing.  Unroll the wax paper and slice the rolls into pieces that are about an inch wide.  Arrange on round (I used an Auburn!!) platter where filling shows.  They are so pretty and when the first person tastes them . . .watch for their reaction!!

YUMMY and oh so easy - just my style!!!  They are so good that Mark said I should give away the recipe that I should use it as my "signature" appetizer.  But . . .I wanted to share with y'all!!  I think this is a satisfying recipe . . .with a little savory thrown in for good measure!!

I would love for you to link up and share a recipe with us . . .


Lauren Elliott said...

Your blog is back to normal! Yay! I still would love to help with all those things we never got done blog wise at the beach :)And I'd be happy to make you a button for this link up as well as your blog!

Anonymous said...

I made these for our tailgate party this weekend and they are scrumptious! Several folks wanted the recipe and I am giving you the credit for it. Thank you for this tasty recipe!! Lisa Hapgood

Lisa said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed them!! They are yummy!!!