Sunday, October 13, 2013

Frands . . is that how they spell it these days???

Mark and I may not be "rich" by worldly standards but we sure are "rich" in friends.  Some of our friends have been our friends for many, many years . . .then there are others like Hayden and Jan.  We've only known them for seven or eight years . . .that is unbelievable.  As I typed that, I thought that it just couldn't be true but our kids were at Auburn when we met so the earliest would have been the fall of 2005.  I feel like we have known them much longer than that!!  Anyway, I actually remember the first Sunday that they visited Trinity.  I didn't meet them that day but the next day at our Monday afternoon meeting, I saw her email address and it had the word "twin" in it and I said to the group, "I want to email her."
We became friends and we even worked together for a while and now they have moved three hours away.  We have worked hard to keep our friendship going.  Looks like in this day and time it should be easy to keep long distance friendships going but it takes some work and planning.  I think I thought I would have lots of free weekends by the time I reached this age and could visit more often . . .but weekends are still busy!
So . . .we drove up to visit over Labor Day weekend and we HAD SO MUCH FUN!  They make us laugh uncontrollably.
Meet their dogs . . . bonnie and angus.  Guess which is which?  (is that grammatically correct??)  Guess which one is whom?  That doesn't sound right either.  Guess which dog is named Bonnie?  Guess which one is named Angus?  Well, that solved that problem!!
Angus loves my feet and legs.  I mean REALLY loves them. When I walk through their door, he begins to lick my feet and legs.  He licks and licks and licks and licks.  He must like the taste of baby lotion.  It is quite humorous.  I'm like an Angus magnet.
We drove up on Sunday after church and just visited all Sunday afternoon and evening.  It was great to catch up.  Hayden grilled some incredible chicken.  Mark is still talking about that chicken!!  Jan made a salad from Southern Living Magazine that was equally delicious.  I'm sure we had other food . . .but dang, I can't remember!!
On Monday morning, we dressed and drove into town and parked in an office building parking deck.  It was a great day to wander the streets.
You know that I could not pass up a picture with this statue.  Look our noses match!  If you could see a picture of my granny George, you would see a nose just like his!!  Our genetic pool runs deep and all the way back to some Cherokee. (not sure which native American group this statue represents)  My granny George was so stinkin' cute and short . . .and she looked about like this statue (not kidding!!)
 Of course, I purchased a few things . . .and Mark had to carry the sack.  He is such a good man :-)  We bought goo goo clusters for his momma because she LOVES them.  We bought door prizes for our Tuesday night group - thought they would enjoy something different!!  We bought these two small wine glasses made out of red solo cups . . .pretty cute and pretty funny looking sitting in the front of the cabinet with all of the other wine glasses.
 We were able to stay through lunch on Monday.  We ate lunch at Chuy's in the Vanderbilt area.  I had never eaten at a Chuy's and I don't think Mark had either.  It was pretty good.  As we were driving back to their house, we saw this really cool taco place with lots of outdoor seating.  We need to try that next time.  It looked local (but who knows?).
 There was a younger couple sitting at the table next to us and I walked over (of course, I did - are you surprised) and asked her to take our picture.  It was a really fun 24 hours together and it actually did feel like a mini vacation!  I sure do thank God for our frands.

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