Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ladybug Pretzels

I saw these on pinterest and
 just had to make them for our boss, Ann.  Ann took a long trip out of the country and I made them for all of us to eat on her first day back.

I will tell you that they were a little more time consuming that I anticipated (but she is worth it - and no, she does not read my blog!!)  I started with a bag of pretzels and a bag of red candy melts and a bag of dark cocoa candy melts. 

Melt the red candy first and dip 2/3 of each pretzel and allow to dry (on wax paper).  Then melt the dark cocoa ones and dip the top third and allow to dry.  Then mix a little powdered sugar and a little milk together to form the icing for the eyes.  I put this mixture in a baggie and snipped a hole in the corner and "piped" on the eyes.  Some of the eyes were perfect . . .others not so perfect.  By the time that I started on the eyes, I was pretty tired!!

The lady bug pretzels were actually tasty, too - not just cute!!  I think they were a hit -- they were all eaten in a pretty short amount of time!!

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