Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fresh breath and clean bodies - something we take for granted!!

Back in the month of May, I wrote a post about 109 PB&J's. Many of the pictures look similar to these. But this is a totally different night and a totally different project. Our Tuesday night group is continuing to try new things. We haven't branched out to an "onsite" mission project but we want to do things to help others. I don't know about you, but I take the ability to have a shower every day (or more if I want or need it) and the ability to brush my teeth and put on deodorant for granted. I have a deodorant that I like (no scent!!) and I can never find it in the store, so I go online and order multiples from I buy multi-packs of toothpaste and keep extra toothbrushes in a bin in the bathroom just in case someone is spending the night and needs a toothbrush.

On this Tuesday night, we assembled hygiene kits for the Church of the Reconciler here in town.  The folks at the Church of the Reconciler are the same folks who ate our PB&J's.  The congregation at Church of the Reconciler is made up of many who don't have homes. . . nor do they have toothpaste and soap and deodorant.  .   .  and I take it for granted.

Some people say that they never use their dining room or their dining room table.  We use ours all the time!!  When we bought our house, one of my non-negotiables was a large dining room.  Who knew that 20 years later, we would be hosting this group every week?

I knew that our group might not be able to provide enough supplies to assemble a lot of kits so I enlisted the help of the John Wesley Sunday School class.  Oh my goodness.  They were so very generous.  We ended up with enough supplies for 51 whole packages and a box of extras.  Everything was just dumped into a giant garbage bag and after dinner, the young adults dumped it all in the middle of the dining room table.  They first sorted into piles.  Each kit was to contain a trial size bottle of shampoo, a trial size deodorant, a trial size toothpaste, a trial size bar of soap and a regular toothbrush.  Those five items were placed in a zip lock baggie.  You can get each of those items for one dollar or less -- except the toothbrush.  If you buy the toothbrushes in a regular store, they are more expensive but the Dollar Tree has a pack of several for ONE DOLLAR.  (of course, everything in the Dollar Tree costs one dollar!!)  And once again, I take it all for granted.  This week I was told by a friend who works with a food bank that toilet paper is a luxury for many.  Toilet paper is another thing that I take for granted - I buy it by the twelve pack.

I was trying to get a picture of "helping hands."

Here is a picture of the group at the end of the evening with their boxes full of supplies.  Our group is continually growing in many ways.  This last week for our study of 1 Thessalonians 5:12-22, we had 25 folks (counting Mark and me!).  For dinner, I can seat 14 at the dining room table and 8 at the kitchen table so we had some folks eating in the family room this week (which is great!!)  We can cram everyone into the family room for the study.

At the end of the study this last week, I challenged the group to think on the things for which they are thankful - not to dwell on the things they don't have. I am very thankful for this group of young adults and for the joy of working with them each week!!


  1. Lisa, this is an awesome post and a great example of being God's hands and feet! It drives me crazy sometimes, the petty things I hear people complain about, and I know I do the same thing. Even when we take time to thank God for the many gifts He has given us, we need to make sure we are thankful for the things we take for granted.

  2. This is awesome, Lisa. When will there be this type of group for someone my age????