Saturday, March 3, 2012

John Wesley Christmas Party

I can't believe that I just came across these photos. I was actually uploading all of my 2011 pictures to snapfish so I can print (and hopefully have time to scrapbook!!!). These pictures are from our John Wesley Sunday School party. We are so blessed to be a part of this class. We've been a part of this class since 1984. That is so hard to believe. The class formed in September of 1984 and we had married in May of 1984.

Scott and Laura are so generous to offer their home for some of our big parties.  They have this incredible kitchen and den on the back of their home and it is a perfect party house.

We had amazing food!  I made that fun recipe by Stephanie at  You use a round sourdough bread and slice it crossways (both directions) and stuff cheddar cheese and bacon in all the slits and then melt butter and add dry ranch dressing.  Wrap in foil and bake.  It makes the most incredible pull apart!  YUMMY

On that night, there is lots of fellowship and conversation.

I took these pictures with my phone and I had not practiced that much so the quality is not good.  I'm getting better!!

The ladies (or the majority) play Dirty Santa with ornaments/Christmas decorations.  There is always an ornament or two or three that changes hands repeatedly.  To be honest, I always want my ornament to be one of those!!  (I know that is silly and I guess sort of selfish - just being honest here) It wasn't this year.  It was the very last gift opened.  The perfect person went home with my ornaments though.  They were these beautiful and fancy ornaments that I found on sale after Christmas last year so I was able to buy something much more expensive than normal.  Angela ended up with my ornaments and she has such a gorgeous home that I'll bet those ornaments looked great on her tree!!

A lot of fun was had by everyone!!  Our class has become so large that it is nice to socialize together because you just can't talk to everyone on Sunday morning.

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