Sunday, February 26, 2012

weddings . . .weddings . . .and more weddings

We are definitely in the season of weddings. There are so many stages of life and seasons - not the kind where leaves change and days grow shorter or longer but seasons of life. We have been in wedding season for a couple of years now. Back in December, we went to a beautiful wedding at our church. Maria and Zach met in college and since Maria grew up at Trinity, they married there. The sanctuary was beautifully decorated with white poinsettias and gorgeous flowers on the altar.  (if you read yesterday's post, you can see once again how the flower committee arranged the flowers so that they pointed your eyes to the cross)

I had to put the camera away during the ceremony.  We have a no flash picture during any worship service policy (of course, people still take pictures - I always want to ask, "what part of that statement did you not understand??)


The reception was at a cool venue.  That has been one of the fun parts of going to all of these weddings.  Mark and I have been to lots of new places.  The reception was at the Avon Theater in the Lakeview District.  It was decorated beautifully also.  The food was really different which was great.  They had little cups that looked like tomato soup (but were actually marinara sauce) and a triangle of grilled cheese sandwich on a skewer.  They also served chicken on skewers which were actually made into part of the decorations and they served shrimp and grits and all sorts of other yummy food. 

I have no idea why this picture looks like this.  I was taking the pictures with my Iphone - three beautiful girls - Carrie, Tina (who is a mother of three little girls - look how beautiful she is!!) and Laura.


This is a funny picture of Mark and Geri and Billy!

This is an even funnier picture of Mark, Guy and Billy.  I think that someone dared them to do that!!!

A fun time was had by all and Maria and Zach are settled here in town.

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