Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I've always wanted to have my picture taken . . .

I haven't blogged in so long (actually it really hasn't been that long!!). We didn't have internet service at the beach last week . . .I did manage to connect on "Pat's" wireless a few times (I have no idea who "Pat" is . . .). I'm actually using the most recent pictures first . . so for a few posts, I guess I'll be moving backwards. On Saturday night, we went to the Joe Jefferson Playhouse in Mobile to see Jesus Christ Superstar. Jerel (remember Jerel from previous posts? - he sang at Glenn and Lauren's wedding . . .he fell asleep in our backyard . . .) was Jesus. I took pictures without my flash and "through" the folks in front of us. We had third row seats so at least there weren't too many heads in front of us.

This photo was taken near the beginning and Jesus was talking with his disciples.

Jesus had to wear a really wild wig.

I got kind of choked up when they were beating Jesus.

. . .and when they placed Jesus on the cross.

I was once again amazed at the depth of feeling when I saw "Jesus" on the cross. I was at a play yet somewhere inside of me I could feel a deep sorrow . . . I was reading a review on AL.com and the actor who portrayed Judas said, "Audiences will leave the theater thinking about their own personal relationship with God, Murrell said. “It’s a beautiful piece, and once you experience it, it’s hard to get (it) out of your head and heart,” he said." I must admit that I agree. I've been singing the lyrics (in my head of course!) all week and thinking repeatedly about the man named Jesus . . .the Jesus that I try to follow . . .the Jesus that I love.

Please don't take this the wrong way . . .but I actually said, "I've always wanted to have my picture taken with Jesus." We were so proud of Jerel.

We were excited that Glenn and Lauren were able to go with us (along with Kaylor and Levi and Jamie and his girlfriend).

The venue is such a cool place. It is right in the middle of a neighborhood. We parked in a lot that was a couple of blocks from the theater. We walked down the sidewalk . . and talked to a guy cutting his grass . . .and waved at a woman looking out her window.

I love attending plays . . .and don't get to do it very often . . .it was a good night!! (I know this is not a well written post . . .I should have written down my thoughts when we got back to the hotel but we were soooo tired!! I was moved by the play, I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Glenn and Lauren and the rest of the crew, I enjoyed walking through the night back to the car, I was and still am amazed that my son is a grown man who lives in another city and has already learned his way all around town . . .and he is grown up and married. . .lots of musings from this middle-aged mom)

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