Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fish Four different ways!!

When we are at the beach, we cook some of our meals in the condo. Mark and George get in that kitchen and whip up some amazing food. I'm not a huge fan of fish but there is something about fish that was caught on the same day that you cook and eat it. It tastes really good. Mark and George caught speckled trout and flounder . . .but to catch it they set their alarms for midnight and went outside and walked down the pier and fished until about 3:00 a.m. They told us that they saw some pretty amazing things at that time of night . . .evidently there were "cougars" walking on the beach and families with small children and mamas with babies . . walking on the beach in the middle of the night!!

So this year we ate fresh fish several times. Mark and George are our fish "chefs." Mark packed his deep fryer so he was ready!! Glenn registered for this same fryer and he and Lauren received one from Mr. and Mrs. McKay as a wedding gift . . .and Mark just had to have one of his own!!

I am not sure what they are doing in this picture. I said, "Let me take a picture of the cooks" and they posed this way!! They had been drinking cold beverages :-)

The fish on the right are my favorite. Mark uses potato flakes (like you use to make instant mashed potatoes - yes, you read that right!!) instead of cornmeal. Oh my goodness - they are the best fried fish EVER!! I'm usually a "one small piece of fish for me, please" kind of girl but I can actually eat several pieces of the fish cooked this way!!

Isn't this amazing? We had fried fish and baked whole flounder and broiled fish. We also had a delicious salad and cheese grits. There is not a restaurant in town that can prepare and serve a meal more tasty than this one!! Good job, guys!!

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