Thursday, February 3, 2011


This is a really random post . . .but I had the camera in my hand . . . and I was making a giant Greek salad to take to a dinner . . .and I love this bowl . . .and I was chuckling as I remembered my sister saying, "I've never met a Greek salad that I didn't like" so here is a weirdly random post about a Greek salad and the salad bowl. Mark tries really hard to buy gifts for me that I will like. About 10 (or maybe longer) years ago, I came home and told him that I loved this salad bowl that my friend, Linda owned. This was in the beginning days of Arthur Court - I didn't even know that name. He went to Linda and asked her about it and I'm still not totally sure, but I think she may have purchased it for him!
The handles of the salad "scoopers" are bunnies - you can see their little faces.
Look who is holding up the bowl . . .bunnies all the way around.

The "bowl" part is a huge acrylic wavy bowl. Anything you put in this bowl instantly looks lovely.
Ok - I warned you - random post!! I'm so glad that today is Sunday - I love Sundays. We are getting ready (except I am sitting here at the computer!!) to go to early service. I'm going to help serve communion this morning which is one of my all-time favorite things to do.
Then we will go to Sunday School. Scott taught for me during January and it was a much needed break and today is my first Sunday back . . .and I'm nervous. After Sunday School, we will go to my mother-in-law's for lunch and some extended family time. Then we will come home and I think I will cook my chicken for "poppyseed chicken" casseroles - that is what I'm going to serve on Tuesday night to the young adults. Then we have an extra bonus this week. We are going over to a friend's house to watch the first half of the super bowl. We are too old to stay for the whole game!! hahahaha . . .but true!!
So how do you spend your Sunday? Do you go to church? I can't imagine life without it. Do you eat with family and friends?
I'll try to have more normal posts this week!!

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Missie said...

I must admit, I have never seen a bowl that looked like that. I do like it too.