Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wise thoughts

I follow the caringbridge sites for several children who have cancer. I had never even heard of a caringbridge site until I took on the job of publishing our church prayer list twice a week (several years ago now). This morning, I read something that I thought was so wise. This is written by the daddy of a little girl with cancer . . .who has major recurrence and so far, no treatment options left.
He said, "Our journey has brought us from the lowest of valleys to the highest of mountaintops. One of the analogies that I have used before and love is this. The reason there are shadows in the valleys is because the light is on the other side of the mountain. The reason some people feel they are surrounded by nothing but shadows is because they have stopped walking. Psalm 23 says "though I WALK through the valley". The lesson to be learned in the valley is to keep walking. Don't set up shop in the low place. It will only be low for a little while. The mountaintop will have new perspective, new lessons, and refreshing light. God has a way of teaching us in any situation we are in if we will only tune our ears to hear what He has to say."

What wise words from a wise daddy.

Several folks we know are walking in a valley right now. Sometimes Mark and I can walk with them and hold their hands. Sometimes we can't. But Mark and I aren't important - what is important is the fact that God is in the Valley and he is on the Mountaintop and HE is with us every step of the way. Friends - keep walking - don't stop in the low place.

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