Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kristi's birthday

I love working at Trinity UMC. I love working there for many reasons but one of them is because I get to work with people like Kristi. We've worked together on and off now for over 6 years (she took a maternity leave in the middle of that time). Kristi is a great friend . . .and she had a birthday last week. Here she is in her office surrounded by all of her surprises. Donna gave her the cutest picture frame and a candy jar full of miniature candy bars. Ann gave her a really cute sleep shirt. I gave her a lunchbox and some other treats. Here is a picture of her surprises. Can you see the picture frame? I think we could make those - it is covered in newsprint (made in India and an Indian newspaper! but we could use the Birmingham News or the Black and White) and then there are these really cute felt flowers and cut outs in a bird shape with felt underneath. I didn't do a very good job of explaining that but I promise it is really cute. Donna finds the cutest gifts!
We will use any excuse to order lunch from Franklin's Homewood Gourmet and a birthday is a great excuse. The baby bleu salad with chicken is wonderful!! I hated bleu cheese until I had it on this salad.
I think this is a great picture of Jeanne (I was trying out my new camera!). Isn't she pretty? She was at the "party" along with all of our other co-workers. (she is another sweet friend - see what I mean? It is just a great place to work surrounded by all these neat young adults!)After eating our healthy salads, we had to have birthday cake.
Happy birthday, Kristi! I hope all your wishes come true!!

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