Monday, January 25, 2010

Walk to Emmaus

Our lives have been blessed by an event called "The Walk to Emmaus." I went on my walk (which does not involve much walking!) many years ago. Our kids were in kindergarten and they are now in grad school! Mark didn't want to go at first and resisted my nudges. But then God did some work and Mark went on his walk . . .five long years after my walk. After attending your own walk, you are allowed to go back as a "servant." This weekend, Mark and I were both servants on Alabama Emmaus Walk 363. This was one of the most spirit filled and wonderful weekends I have worked. The music was incredible, the talks were inspired by God, the clergy were funny and interesting and caring. It was wonderful to serve surrounded by old and new friends. Our God is indeed an amazing God whose love and grace surrounds us and woos us. Our God's grace is far bigger than any sin we can ever commit. Our God is indeed good and on this day, I rejoice and give thanks!!

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