Friday, September 4, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookies, Curtains and my son . . .

What in the world do chocolate chip cookies, curtains and my son have in common . . . well, as a middle-aged mom, I don't "get" to bake cookies every week and do those "fun" things with my kids like when they were little BUT TODAY I "get" to drive to Auburn (and am thrilled to be invited) to help Glenn find some sort of window coverings for his bedroom. He is living in a little house basically in the parking lot of an older United Methodist congregation. I believe the church members have been seeing way too much of Glenn through his uncovered bedroom windows ;-)

So the plan is to leave here later this morning and drive to Auburn. Last night, Mark said, "I can't believe you aren't in the kitchen baking something to take to Glenn." I just looked at him. You see, the last two work weeks have almost killed me - crazy busy - thank God I work in a place and with people that I love. Thank God that I actually love my job . . .most days! So back to baking. I got up this morning and whipped out the package of chocolate chips and mixed up a batch of toll house cookies. They are on a plate ready to go to Auburn. (I intended to insert a picture of those beautiful cookies but couldn't find the digital camera . . .called Mark (it is his "hunting and fishing" camera . . . and it is with him at work!! So instead of chocolate chip cookies you get a picture of middle aged us with our wonderful young adult children) So you just have to imagine . . . There is a lovely yellow dish towel on my kitchen counter with a crisp white dinner plate tilted every so slightly for a better photograph . . .filled with yummy toll house cookies!!
So in a little while, I will get to be a "mommy" again - sharing cookies with Glenn and helping him search for some window treatments at the local Walmart! Mark loaded my car with the cordless drill, a measuring tape, drill bits and a hammer. Here is a picture of Glenn and his girlfriend, Lauren in front of this little house - home for three semesters! If you look closely, you can see the red brick of the church in the background - told you it was close to the church!Laura is going down tomorrow for the game and I know that she will be happy to be back down on the "plains." Both Glenn and Laura are doing well in grad school and working . . .life is definitely different around our house. Who knew? Who knew that someday I would be a middle aged mom . . . with grown children? Wow - what a blessing!

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