Friday, September 15, 2017

lazy days filled with sunshine and salt water

Just a few pics from our week . . . I've thought of words I want to write but I can't quite put my thoughts together so here are some pictures with a few comments.

We've rested and chased an 18 month old and rested some more.  We've eaten some good seafood and some turkey sandwiches.  Some of us have read some books.

I needed a vacation.

Emma and I were hanging out while Glenn, Lauren, and Mark did a beer tasting at the brewery in Fairhope.  This was on our way down to Fort Morgan -- detour through Fairhope.

We had dinner at Tacky Jack's on the first night and watched the sun set.  It was actually chilly that night!

We are staying at a house on the bay and some of us (I am not one) have fished and netted and spent long hours on the pier.  Glenn was throwing the net.

We've spent some time on the beach (this is what we called the big beach -- on the gulf side) and we've spent a lot of time on our little private beach (on the bay).

This cute little munchkin has been so fun . . .and so busy . . .and so cute!!

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