Friday, April 1, 2016

once again . . .Wednesday HodgePodge on Friday

What can I say?  It has been a much busier week than I expected.  My boss has been out of town and I have accomplished so much work.  My office is CLEAN!!

So here goes with the Wednesday HodgePodge on Friday (which is quickly becoming the norm!)

1. What are two or three expectations you have of yourself?
I want to follow Christ . . .which can be very difficult at times.
I want to be the best mom, Gran, wife, friend I can be.
I want to do my very best at work and my very best as a teacher/facilitator.
Reading back over those, they sound very vague.  Maybe I need more specific expectations.  Dang - I hate it when these questions make me think :-)

2. In what way does your outdoor space need sprucing up this spring?
I'm lucky - I don't do any yard work.  I have horrible allergies and my husband loves to be outside so that works out great.  I do need to buy two new ferns for our big front porch.  We also need to hire a painter to have our "haint blue" porch ceilings painted and we need to have our white picket fence painted.  Yes, I know we haven't even been in our house two years but some of these spaces didn't have enough paint applied in the first place!!

 3. According to this site (Roadtrippers), six of North America's most wondrous waterfalls are-Webster's Falls in Ontario, Upper Whitewater Falls in North Carolina, Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon, Multnomah Falls in Oregon, The Lower Yellowstone Falls, and Niagara. Have you seen any on the list? Which one on the list would you most like to visit? Prettiest waterfall not on the list that you've seen in person?
How sad!  I've not seen any of these!  My daughter has been to Niagara Falls . . .does that count? haha!  We saw some pretty falls when we were in Hawaii.  I've hiked to Peavine Falls at Oak Mountain State Park . . .a hundred years ago!!

This is even sadder . . .there are falls within walking distance of my house and I've never seen them!!  We live directly across the street from the Moss Rock Preserve.  I found this picture of them online.

Both are pretty - not like Niagara - but pretty still!!

 4. Looking back, what's something you wish you'd done as a teenager?
I wish I had gone to college as soon as I graduated from high school.  I waited several years and then attended classes at night after working all day.  I'm sorry that I didn't have the wonderful college experience that my kids had - I'm glad they had a great time!!

 5. Ham...yes please or no thank you? If you said yes please which of the following do you like best-baked ham with all the trimmings, a ham and cheese sandwich, prosciutto with melon, a ham biscuit, a bowl of split pea and ham soup, or a slice of pizza topped with ham and pineapple?
Yes, Please!!  I love ham!  I especially love Honey Baked Ham!!

6. Are you typical of your generation? How so?
I assume I am . . I try not to act too old, though!  Sometimes I feel like a young adult in an old body!

7. April rolls in at the end of the week, and in keeping with that theme...'act the fool', 'nobody's fool', 'a fool's errand', 'could have fooled me'...which foolish idiom most recently applies to you? Explain.
I'm sure I'm always acting like a fool in one way or another.  I'll have to think about this one some more!!

 8. Insert your own random thought here.
I get to babysit our new granddaughter for the first time tonight!  I'm excited!!  Tomorrow, I'm going to drive down to Auburn and take our daughter out to lunch.  oh - one more thing - we tried a new restaurant last night with our "out to eat supper club" -- Seasons 52.  It was good!

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