Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wednesday Hodge Podge

Join us over at "From This Side of the Pond" and answer today's questions:

1.  I recently read here about four secrets to happiness from around the world. They were-
Overcome your fears by facing them head on, allow yourself to relax and reset, work to live versus living to work, and find the good in life. Not sure if these are the actual secret to happiness, but which of the four do you struggle with most? Which one comes most easily to you?
I think finding the good in life comes most easily to me.  I am a glass “full” person – I am always looking for the good in situations and it sometimes drives my family nuts.  I’m not sure about overcoming my fears by facing them head on – I do that with some things but not everything.  I’m going to be thinking about that statement for days!!  I would love to relax more often but I have a tendency to think I need to be “doing something” . . . I would love to curl up with a good book for a few days . .. or go to the beach and literally lie down on one of those blue cushioned beach chairs . . .and not move for a few days.  I think those four items probably do make for a happier life.

2. How would you spend a found $20 bill today?  Our office is providing lunch for Urban Kids tomorrow and I signed up for carrots and dip for 30 people.  I think I would go to the store and use that $20 to buy those items! Or, I’m meeting my best friend for lunch in a little while and I could offer to buy her lunch! I have no cash – I would actually be happy with $1.25 for the pepsi machine 

3. Ego trip, power trip, guilt trip, round trip, trip the light fantastic, or trip over your own two feet...which 'trip' have you experienced or dealt with most recently? Explain. About ten minutes ago, I was walking down the hall to the bathroom and I did one of those two step trip over my own two feet things . .. you know the kind? You don’t want anyone to realize that you somehow tripped over your own feet so you act like nothing happened!! I also drove my son and daughter-in-love to the airport this morning for a round trip flight – they are taking a delayed five year honeymoon to Cancun.

4. If you could master any physical skill in the world what would it be, and how would you use that skill? That is a very hard question. Wow – would I want to be able to run long distances and compete in marathons (and be skinny as a result??)? or would I want to know how to design and build houses and do that for the poor?  Since I wasn’t exactly sure how to answer this question, I googled “What are physical skills?” Here is the answer: There are ten recognized general physical skills. They are cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, speed, balance and accuracy. Thinking about the question that way – I guess I would need more stamina to keep up with all of my young co-workers (though I think I do a pretty good job!).

5. As July draws to a close, let's take inventory of our summer fun. Since the official first day of (North American) summer (June 20th) have you...been swimming? enjoyed an ice cream cone? seen a summer blockbuster? camped? eaten corn on the cob? gardened? deliberately unplugged? watched a ballgame? picked fruit off the vine? taken a road trip? read a book?  Are any of these activities on your must-do-before-summer-ends list? I have been swimming; enjoyed and ice cream cone; eaten corn on the cob; watched a ballgame; taken a road trip and I have read a book (kindle). I’ve also eaten watermelon and peaches and celebrated a birthday! I just can’t believe that summer is almost over.  School starts back really early in Alabama and once school starts, summer is over – even for those of us who don’t have school aged children.

6. The Republican Presidential candidates will debate on August 6th. What's your question? Can you please fix our country?  I’m not sure what we need but we need something. We’ve made a mess.

7. What's your most listened to song so far this summer? This is embarrassing.  I have listened to very little music this summer.  My husband tends to listen to his playlist quite often so I’ve heard his music. My most “listened to” would be the things that we have sung in church. 

8.  Insert your own random thought here. Remember a week or so ago and we had the question about air mail, etc.?  I received an envelope this last weekend and it was sent airmail!!  I had written to the fan club/agent’s office for Colin Firth and requested an autographed picture for my mother-in-law’s birthday. It arrived a week after her birthday and was a fun surprise!!


  1. Nice answer to the one about physical skills. I could do with more stamina too. Lovely picture of Colin Firth - not that recent though lol Dropping by from the Hodgepodge list.

  2. Loved all of your answers! Especially for the Republican candidates. We do seem to be in a mess. Have a wonderful week!

  3. Thanks so much for commenting, Paula and Wendy! Hope you both have a great end of the week and weekend!!