Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bill's birthday celebration

No matter how old you are . . .birthdays should be celebrated.  Whether you are 1 or 100, birthdays should be celebrated with cake and candles and ice cream and cards.  We celebrate a lot of birthdays in the summer with our family.  Let's see . . .Bob and I have birthdays in June; Susie and Paul and Grandmother all have birthdays in July; and Mark, George, and Bill all have birthdays in August.  Grandmother still bakes everyone their dessert of choice and Bill's choice was . . . . drumroll, please . . . .homemade caramel cake with pecans.  (I grew up in a very blue collar community and we called this icing - burnt (not burned but burnt) sugar icing and my mother made this icing in an iron skillet . . . I'll never forget the first time that I was served caramel cake at my mother-in-law's house . . .and I said, "OH MY GOODNESS . . .my momma used to make this cake but we called it by a different name!!)  It is kind of funny because we all have our favorite kinds of cakes.  

This birthday celebration was extra special because Susie, Ben, Bob and Thomas were here to celebrate with us!!  They came "down south" to move Thomas into the dorm at Alabama.

We had a big crowd for lunch that day!

Bill has Parkinson's disease - early onset.  As I have watched all the ice water challenges for ALS, I have thought about all the other diseases out there . . . so many diseases . . .so few cures.  I know that we can cure far more diseases now than we could 100 years ago . . .or probably even ten years ago . . .and I am very grateful that there has been more research done for Parkinson's since Michael J. Fox was diagnosed.  Bill is continuing to LIVE LIFE  - he is married and does most of the grocery shopping and cooking at his house. :-)  He goes to the Lakeshore Foundation every day to swim and exercise.  He likes to fish when Mark can take him to the farm.  He meets with a group of men weekly for Bible study.

We give thanks for Bill and the celebration of another birthday!!

p.s. if you suffer from early onset Parkinson's disease -- here is some info from the Parkinson association of Alabama website:
Young Onset Parkinson Disease
Support Group
For those diagnosed at 55 or younger.

Lakeshore Foundation
4000 Ridgeway Drive
Birmingham, Alabama
Meets every third Thursday at 6:00 PM

Contact: Laura Lieb

Karen Virciglio

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