Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Can you hear me now?

Do you have satellite radio in your car?  When I purchased my car, it came with Sirius XM radio . . .and I listened to it sometimes.  I mainly listened to one station - The Message - and I really enjoyed it.  I renewed my subscription a couple of times - both times begging and pleading until they lowered the rate.  This last time . . .I just couldn't justify the expense.  The lady asked, "what would it take for you to renew?" (after much haggling).  I said, "could I have it for three months for free?"  Well . . .she couldn't do that so . . .I was stuck with no music.  Yes, I know I can plug in my phone and listen to my play lists . . .but eh . . .I also know that there is an older Christian radio station in town . . .but I don't like some of their theology and politics.

One day, I was scrolling through (of course, I am sure that I was sitting at a traffic light or perfectly still and parked in the driveway!!! :-) ) trying to find something entertaining.  I either want total silence in the car when I'm by myself or music that I love  .  . . cranked up really loud.  Do you like music in the car? That day, I found WAY-FM - 89.9.  I love this station.  If I'm going to listen to radio in the car, this is my go-to station.

But . . . there is a problem.  The station originated in Florida. (I think that is correct)  Their signal is not always strong here in Alabama and sometimes another radio station bleeds over and you hear not one, but two radio stations . . .so you can't hear either one very well.

I was trying to listen on Saturday when this irritating mumbo jumbo happened.  I immediately thought that is how God sounds to me quite often.  He might be telling me that he loves me or he might be guiding me to follow him, but the world and all of her enticements is so very loud.  .  .  . so mumbo jumbo happens in my head.

I don't have an answer for this.  Prayer, I'm sure, would help.  I can ask God to help me hear his voice above the tumultuous sounds around me.  But sometimes . . .sometimes I CHOOSE the "noise" over God.

I don't usually leave posts just hanging in the wind . . .but I'm going to leave this one . . .because I'm still thinking . . .and hopefully, I'm trying to listen just a little bit better.  (I think he is telling me to go finish dinner for all those young adults :-) )

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