Sunday, September 8, 2013

Live Love Laugh

Today was one of those extra special days.  We celebrated Nancy's birthday and it was a surprise for her!  Nancy and Nathan teach a young adult Sunday School class and the class planned a "get-together" following church today.  Nancy even signed up to bring the buns!  What Nancy didn't know was that Suzan (hostess with the mostess) sent invitations to some family members and close friends.  We all arrived and those of us who were "surprises -- meaning not class members" were ushered into the party room.  Meanwhile, families and little children were playing and chatting and cooking!

These decorations are sooooo cute!!!  The tables were lovely and all the decorations were so cute!  I  had been wondering how to hang those tissue paper balls from the ceiling . . .Suzan hung them with scotch tape.  I need to email her this week and ask if the tape made marks on her ceiling!!  I was afraid to do that so I can't wait to hear from her!

Suzan and her mom own all of these wonderful chair covers and sashes.  They told me the name of the online company . . .I must get that info (because of course, I have forgotten it!!)  It is something that ends in "rite."  She said they purchased the covers and sashes for a ridiculously low price and have used them multiple times!!  Everytime they put the sashes on sale, she said they order another color or two!!

So, Nancy is notoriously late.  If she is reading this, she knows it is true :-) and we love her lots!  Today it worked out well because we were all able to arrive and be in the room when she got to the party.  The funny thing is that they didn't tell her husband, Nathan, about the party.  He said he found out when he was walking in and there were friends walking in with him . . .friends that are not in that young adult class!  He and Nancy were in separate cars so that was a good thing!! 

Alice and Grace (above) looked so pretty today.

Here is the guest of honor.  Nancy is one of my heroes.  Nancy is a survivor.  I've know Nancy for more than 30 years.  Nancy introduced Mark and me via a canoe trip many, many years ago . . .I knew Nancy from a young adult Bible study and Mark is Nancy's first cousin.  We've raised our children together.  We've spent most Christmas Day evenings together for 30 years.  We've taught VBS together.  We've spent hundreds of hours on the telephone.

Nancy was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago . . .and is still fighting that nasty, horrible disease.  I rarely use profanity.  I abhor it actually.  I remember vividly the day that Nancy called to tell me that she had her first recurrence.  I was standing in the kitchen and backed up to the kitchen cabinet and slid down to the floor .. . .all while saying, "Sh*t, Sh*t, Sh*t, Sh*t."  But Nancy is a FIGHTER!!!!  Nancy has three beautiful daughters and lots of friends and family and we are all so glad that she is a fighter!!  Here is a picture of Nancy and her youngest daughter, Charis, who is a freshman in college this year!!!


When Nancy came into the room, she made a little "speech" and it was a tearful speech.  She was trying to tell all of us how much we mean to her . . .and we know that and we sure do love her!!!!

Nancy and her three wonderful daughters -- Lydia, who is working as an interior designer for a local company; Miriam, who is a United Methodist Minister and Charis, a college freshman.

In the blue jacket is my mother-in-law who just happens to be Aunt Susie to Nancy.  In front of my mother-in-law is Nancy's mom.  Two beautiful women of the older generation . . .who have taught us many things!!  (Claire, Nancy's long time friend, is behind the ladies)

There were some men at the party, too!  George is on the left.  He had surgery on Friday.  Mark is in the middle and Guy is on the right.  Aren't they cute??

The centerpieces were lovely - peonies (right?) in Mason jars and balloons - can't get any better than that!!  Looks like a party to me!!

The class members provided lunch - burgers and dogs and sides - and then there was cake!!  All the children gathered 'round to help Nancy blow out the candles.

This cute little fellow in the orange shirt was amazing to Mark (who was sitting right behind where he is standing).  He was using the camera on his parent's phone . . .and he videoed and zoomed, etc.  I laughed and told Mark that I think children come into the world these days knowing how to operate all electronics!!

Nancy and all the children blew out the candles together . . .except for adorable orange shirt boy . . .he is still shooting video!!

Friends and family are so important.  Phella, Nancy and I have been friends for more than 25 years.  Back during the day when we were all stay-at-home moms, I cannot tell you how many hours we spent on the phone.  We talked about all the ages, stages, and quirks of being a stay-at-home mom and if I remember correctly, we NEVER complained about our husbands. hahahaha!   I can remember vividly the day that I found out Nancy was pregnant with Charis . . .we were in the K-Mart parking lot!!  I think we had been at the church during VBS where we were both working as teachers that year.  Over the years, I've called Nancy hundreds of times to ask medical questions.  You see, she is a nurse . . .and a good one.  After my hysterectomy, she came and helped me several times.  I trust her!!  I love her!!  She and Mark have always been close.  He sure does love her, too!! 

Today Nancy said that she wished she could write down how much everyone has meant to her, etc. but she didn't think there were words that would work.  I would like to tell you how much Nancy means to me . . .but I'm not sure there are enough words.  I just know that I love her . . .and I know she loves me.  We are friends, we are cousins by marriage, we are sisters in Christ.  We are there for each other.  That is a good friendship.  I feel so blessed by both of these women.

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  1. Your extended family and Nancys' are so special to me! I had heard how wonderful the party, the decorations & Christian fellowship were ! Hats off to you ladies & special love to you all!It's true that it's hard to put into words how wonderful the multi- generational bonds are that Christ and Trinity have lovingly blessed us with ! Sandra Hill Chapman