Wednesday, May 15, 2013

SNUGS and the "V.E.T." - shhhh!

How can an animal be so smart? How in the world can an animal who cannot read or talk or spell know what "V.E.T." means? How in the world? Well, this old man kitty does? When I put my purse on my shoulder and Mark goes to pick up Snugs so we can start down the basement stairs to the car . . .Snugs runs in the other direction. These pictures were actually taken back in January when he went for his annual physical but we go once a month for a "mani/pedi" and for them to give him a dose of cat lax. He runs away every time. This last time he ran upstairs and tried to hide under Glenn and Lauren's bed . . .but there was so much stuff under it (because they are getting ready to move) that he "thought" he was hiding . . .but he really wasn't!! His head was "hiding" but his big black and white body was sticking right out from under the bed.

We normally love our vet . . .and all the folks that work there but we didn't have a very good experience this last time.  We have turned into those "crazy cat people" over the years.  Snugs is such an old man and I guess (yes, I know) we have become over protective of him.  They sent a high school student (who is trying to decide if he wants to become a veterinarian- you know how I know this, don't you?  I asked him!!) and an intern (I'm assuming because she looked older . . and I was expecting someone like our friend, Carrie . . .but she wasn't) in to take care of us . . .and let me be the one to tell you . . .they didn't know how to take care of us.  Snugs teeth and gums are really bad and he has a heart murmur and cannot be put to sleep for the teeth and gums to be cleaned . . .and they made his gums bleed as they tried to ram a tongue depressor into his mouth with cat lax on it. So there is all this bacteria in his mouth and all I could think about is that he was going to get an infection and be really sick.  Stupid, I know.  He is usually docile once you put him on that table . . .so it was pretty surprising when he came straight up into a standing position ready to attack.  They tried three times and at that point Mark said, "STOP!" VERY FORCEFULLY.  You have to understand that I've only seen Mark lose his temper once or twice in our entire 29 years of marriage . . .and he was pretty darn close.

Snugs proceeded to hide under Mark's coat (yes, it was cold - in May - in Alabama - weird, I know - so Mark had on a coat) on Saturday much like he did back in January.  They then trimmed his nails . . .they didn't seem to know what they were doing then either but they did a little better job on his nails than on the cat lax.

We asked for someone with more experience to please come in and give him a dose of medicine.  They did send in one of the older ladies (my age!) and she put the medicine on her finger and stuck it right into his mouth - no problem.  We usually have this really sweet lady who calls him "mashed potato toes." 

Snugs was so traumatized that when Mark walked out of the exam room into the lobby, there were two large dogs waiting and Snugs just cuddled up against Mark. He didn't look right or left. He didn't even notice that there was anyone else around. While I was paying, the employees closed the door to the back where everyone (all the techs, etc.) are located . . .I think they were talking about us. I guess we will have the reputation of being the crazy over-protective cat people now. 

I think the problem began with the fact that it was pouring down rain. We usually get up on our designated "vet" Saturday and go to the Vet's clinic right when they open - first ones there (those of you who know us - does that surprise you?) - and get our stuff done and get out of there in about 15 minutes. It was raining so hard that we dilly dallied around the house and were later getting to the Vet's clinic and they were already seeing other "patients" so I guess it was as much our fault as theirs. They always tell us not to make an appointment just for that . . .my goodness . . .the musings of this middle aged mom . . .I used to worry about my kids - do they have an ear infection? are they sick? Now I'm worried about an old man kitty cat . . .

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  1. Aww, poor guy! My Decker hates the vet, too, but Bama, the cat I had before her, was worse. The vet techs labeled him "fractious" and they obviously dreaded dealing with him as much he hated them. They usually took him to another room for treatment and I could hear him growling through the walls. He also would refuse to get in his carrier, extending arms and legs to maximum straightness and length and it was hard on both of us to make it through all that once a year. But he lived to be 21, so I guess his attitude served him well. Have a good week!

    Lisa H