Friday, December 7, 2012

Boo! Wait . . shouldn't that be Merry Christmas?

yeah yeah yeah . . .I'm just a little behind . . .just a couple of months. I sure do miss having to make Halloween costumes. I NEVER thought I would say those words back in the days when I was slaving over red felt as I made a power ranger costume or pink slinky material that kept sliding off the sewing machine as I stitched a princess costume. Or wait . . .how about the year I made a Zorro or Vampire or something or other black cape for Laura's boyfriend who was six feet five (or more) inches tall? That was the biggest cape ever!!!! I miss it. Dang!! I miss it!!! This year, I had to borrow my friends children just to take a few pictures. This is the little girl of one of my friends . . .she is not dressed in her costume but she was Cindy Lou Who (is that how you spell her name?). Her hair is perfect!!  She came to visit us in the office and she was a willing subject for me and my camera!!!

I LOVE this one . . .(below) look at those eyes.  Kristi - you have some pretty kids!!  I know you are proud!!
Can you guess who this is?  Indiana Jones himself!!  He came to visit us in the office and his whip made realistic sounds and he was quick to show us.  He had the leather jacket and the hat and the whip and the bag!  He was a great Indiana Jones!!!!
This is his little sister.  She was a cute pumpkin.  Don't you just love that hat?  It just makes me laugh every time I see it!!!  I've said it before - I love working with all of these young parents because they bring their sweet babies to see us in the office. 
Here is a picture of Indiana Jones and his serious face.  He was all business in this one!!
Here is Miss Pumpkin without her pumpkin costume.  She was too hot and got rather fussy but was rather happy when mama took off the costume.
We had the grand total . . .drum roll please . . .of TWO . . .yes, count them . . .TWO trick or treaters and I almost missed them!!!  I was just pulling into the driveway from work and they were walking back home.  I don't believe I have ever seen a pink batgirl before but our next door neighbor sure made a cute one!!!
She and her brother were our only trick or treaters.  When our kids were little we had tons of trick or treaters.  Seems sad to me that we only had two this year. 
Isn't he a cute buzz light year??
Later in the evening, our door bell rang and I was so excited because I thought we had more trick or treaters . . .but I opened the door and it was the mom and dad and teenaged daughter from across the street.  I tried to give them candy but they wouldn't take any.  They said that they were out walking from house to house and they were treating the neighbors.  They had home baked goodies and they were tied with ribbon and they had a nice scripture card on them - nothing pushy - just nice.  They know that we are Christians and they know that we host a Bible study in our home each week and we talked about that and about the fact that another neighbor hosts a weekly Bible study, too (thank goodness it is on a different night!!).  They didn't even say anything about the fact that they were treating the neighbors because they were Christians . . .as a matter of fact, I didn't notice the scripture on the card until after they left.  Isn't that cool?  What a neat way of sharing their faith without being all in someone else's face.

Anyway . . another Halloween has come and gone . . .the year is flying by!!!

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