Sunday, October 21, 2012

Goin' to Ruffner Mountain . . .gonna get married . . .

Guess what? Another wedding? Yes!! How did you ever guess? I love that we have been to so many this year and I love how different each one has been and how the service and the decor and the food all tell the story of the bride and groom.  Kendall and Nathan got married on October 13 at Ruffner Mountain.  It was a small wedding and Mark and I felt so honored to be included!!  Kendall is a twin (boy/girl) and the same age as Laura and Glenn.  She was in Sunday School with them in junior high/high school (I think - not sure of the exact years).  Fast forward to 2010 when the young adult group started meeting at our house and Kendall came to the very first study!!  She brought her friend, Nathan.  As Nathan was walking up the front porch steps, he and Mark realized that they knew each other.  Nathan's mom had worked with Mark.  Small world.  Anyway, we have loved getting to know Kendall and Nathan and now they are married!!!  The venue was quite pretty.  I loved the sheer curtains that were a "shield" from the parking lot and I loved how they blew in the breeze.  The wedding was held in the late afternoon and the sun was shining directly into the pavilion.  Very pretty (but one side of my face got sunburned!!)  (I just re-read that paragraph and it is all over the place but I am tired tonight so it is going to stay just like it is!!)

Since the wedding was outside, I sneaked a couple of snapshots in during the ceremony.  No flash needed . . .and only a tiny click.  I took my good camera this time - no more phones if I want to take lots of photos.   The groom and groomsmen wore brown tuxes which I don't think I've ever seen but I really loved the way they looked with the green dresses.  Both brown and green are colors that were reflected all around us as the pavilion felt almost like a tree house.

Dave did the service (I'm sure there is some correct preacher lingo for that) -- he performed the ceremony and preached the homily and blessed the elements (that sounds more official, doesn't it?).  It was good to see Dave and Angela and Leo and to visit with them.  He made us all laugh several times which I think is great in a marriage ceremony when everyone is so nervous!!

The reception was held in the actual "nature center" where the exhibits are located.  There was a cupcake table and you can see the nature theme . . cupcakes on a stump!!  We were once again in the trees which was quite lovely.  My only complaint was that I wore high heels (mistake!!) and we walked across the parking lot from the wedding location to the reception (half a block or so .  .) not good for me in high heels.  Funny story about my shoes . . .I hate shoes.  I love to look at them and I love to see them on other people's feet but I hate shoes.  Give me a pair of flip flops anytime and I am a happy girl.  I will still be wearing flip flops in December.  January is about the only month that I don't wear them.  Other people will have on boots . . and I will have on flip flops.  So . . .I had on my brown flip flops in the car because we were going to Bass Pro Shop after the wedding.  (as I typed those words, I laughed out loud - sounds like a red neck date to me!!).  Mark pulled up to the venue (in our big and black and shiny 4X4 pick up truck (red neck??) and to get out of the truck,  I have to slide off the seat to the ground . . .and I didn't have my shoes on.  I was standing there putting them on in the parking lot.  Mark said, "Lisa - why didn't you do that in the car?"  I smiled and looked at him and responded, "I don't care."  He just shook his head and muttered, "I know you don't."  He might drive a pick up truck (which is really fancy) and he might hunt and fish but he also dresses well and cares . . .well, I guess about what people think.  I have a tendency not to care as much.  I am who I am . . .and I love flip flops . . .and you can talk about me and my flip flops . . .but I'm still probably going to wear them.  If I could find just a few pairs of really really comfortable shoes . . .I would buy them.  I have a brown pair of merrells and a black pair and they are almost (not totally but almost) comfortable.  I don't remember the last time I had shoes (besides flip flops) that I would call comfortable.  OK - sorry about that long tangent . . .back to the wedding . . . .

Look - there was a bear guarding the cakes (the bear didn't stop people from cutting the cakes before the bride had even seen them).

There was a deck outside the reception room and that is where we spent most of our time.  We were so excited to visit with Ed and Amy and Kendall and Nathan and Will.  They are no longer at our church but are helping Dave plant a new church and so we miss them on Tuesday nights.  I am proud of all of them.  Mark really loves talking with Ed and had been telling me things for days . . .like "Ed loves Zombies.  I want to tell him about the Zombie Chase run."  They also really like to talk about guns and other stuff.

The reception table (food line) was between some exhibits which was really nice because there was stuff to look at while you waited.  Leo was fascinated with the turtles.

Here is the lovely bride!!!  Kendall - why is your arm behind your back???  hahahaha!

Her dress was lovely. Her momma looked so pretty, too (I didn't get a picture) and Nathan looked handsome. It was really a nice wedding. Their first act as husband and wife was to serve communion to the guests. That was really special. Kendall's dad died years ago and her twin brother walked her down the aisle. I almost cried when Dave asked him, "who gives this woman to be married . . " and her brother said, "I do on behalf of our mother." It was just such a sweet moment . . .and as one whose parents have been dead a long time . . .it was just special.  Guess what?  I think we have only one more wedding  in 2012. . . in November!!  But 2013 is going to be filled with weddings, too!!

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