Saturday, January 14, 2012

Three birthday celebrations in one . . .used to be two -- now three!

I am slowly moving forward with our end of the year pictures -- you would think that a middle aged mom would have plenty of time to blog but I think I am busier than I have ever been!!

Glenn and Laura both have November birthdays and now we have three!! Lauren's birthday is also in November. I love "three-in-one" celebrations. We already do that in August for Mark and George and Bill and and we do it in July (if we get to see Susie) for Grandmother, Paul and Susie and we get to do it in March for Rebecca and Ben and Thomas. That is amazing!!

Our birthday celebration was small this year because we celebrated while Glenn and Lauren were home and George and Alice and Grace were already out of town. The number of people might have been small but the number of cakes was large. Grandmother baked a German Chocolate cake for Lauren and a pound cake with icing for Glenn. Laura wanted a funfetti cake so I baked it. (because grandmother would never bake a cake using a cake mix!!)  The first cake is Laura's cake.
This is Glenn's cake.
This is Lauren's cake (which also happens to be my favorite!!) You have never had German Chocolate Cake until you have had Mark's mom's. It is unbelievable.
We had enough folks to fill up the dining room table which is always nice. I love celebrating in that room. Laura's friend, Dustin joined us for dinner and the celebration.

We have purchased lots of meat and steaks from Costco over the years and it has always been delicious. We purchased steaks for the celebration and they were horrible. They were tough and chewy - not good at all. We were so disappointed and it is a little embarrassing when you serve something to "company" that isn't up to par. We were telling our friends about the steaks and they had purchased steaks at Costco in Montgomery during the same week and theirs were not good either. I think that Costco must have purchased a tough old cow or two that week.
I love pictures of folks blowing out their birthday candles . . .so here is one of Laura blowing out her candles.
Lauren was admiring her cake and candles!
Glenn and his cake.
Here is the stack of presents.  The big box is an ice cream freezer - one of Glenn's gifts.  The girls both received purses from Aunt Susie that she bought while in Spain this fall. 
Two of the presents were from Mark. He bought two Auburn Championship knives -- one for Laura and one for Glenn & Lauren. He warned everyone that the knives were incredibly sharp. Dustin was trying to help Laura separate the blades in the display case . . .and he sliced his finger open. It was a big cut!!!! Yes, I actually said, "don't bleed on the tablecloth" but I also showed much compassion and helped search for bandages, etc. Laura got out her trusty first aid kit that she takes on her bike and had most all of the supplies needed. It took a while for it to stop bleeding. Always excitement at a birthday dinner :-)

I think it was a good celebration and I think all three felt our love. I can't believe that I am old enough to have "children" who are a quarter of a century old. I'm still pondering that one!!

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