Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mark? Shopping? Really?

Mark was "sick as a dog" over Thanksgiving. . . .so he didn't go to the farm. . . .and then I caught the cold . . .and we all had cabin fever . . .so we decided to spread our germs around (we didn't really think about that - I'm kidding!!). We did drive to Leeds to the new open air outlet mall , Shops of Grand River, and it is quite lovely. Mark and I have been married for 26 years and he doesn't shop. He hates to shop (unless it is at the Bass Pro Shop!!) But we all bundled up and went to the outlets. All the shops open onto a "street like" sidewalk with lots of benches. Many of the stores were having sales since it was Thanksgiving weekend. The only one of us who had any luck at all was Laura. She can always find something. Banana Republic - everything in the store - 50% off! She bought a dress that retailed for $150 . . .was $100 in the store . . .with 50% off! Good deal!! There is a Talbots Store!! I didn't buy anything but they did have some pretty things . . .but not as good a selection. Regular sizes, Petites and Plus are all in one store. I wonder if the merchandise is last year's or the stuff that didn't sell or if clothing is manufactured just for the outlet store??? Anyone know?

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