Thursday, August 19, 2010

Partners in Crime

Last week, I met two of my high school friends for dinner. Jamie is on my left and Christie is on my right. We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Brio along with a drink or two and lots of laughs. Jamie was a year ahead of us in school. I was in the band with Jamie (I was color guard and band librarian - geeky -what can I say?). Christie and I became friends in middle school and continued that friendship all through high school and a few years after. Jamie, Christie and I were all three on the Annual (now known as yearbook) staff. We spent many hours in the little annual staff office. Great memories. Neither of them have ever married so their lives are a little different from mine but we still have many things in common. Since Jamie is a well known organist here in town, he plays the organ at Trinity sometimes. Christie and I both love to read and love many of the same authors. I loved hearing about both of their travels to Napa Valley and trips to New York.

Since my parents are not living, I never go back to Tarrant. To be honest, I rarely see anyone from Tarrant. I have kept in touch with my friends Kaye and Faye (they were in our wedding) but we only see each other every year or two. I see my friend, Genny at church and I love that we grew up in a small Baptist church and have both ended up in the same large United Methodist church. So . . .it was a really nice evening with "old" friends, Jamie and Christie.

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Missie said...

Looks like you had a good time.

Have a good rest of your week.