Tuesday, May 4, 2010

new furniture (sort of) and new curtains

We have done very little in the redecorating of our home over the last several years. Two in college sort of trumps lots of other things! When the kids first went away to college, we painted the bonus room upstairs and we worked on our powder room last year. I love it but Mark wants to hire someone to "fix" it. We were given this chair as newlyweds and we had it reupholstered once. The fabric was very faded. This picture doesn't do this fabric justice. It is rich and warm and soft. This is the new fabric on our sofa. We bought living room and dining room furniture also when we were first married (26 years this month) and we bought traditional styles so that we could just keep recovering them. I will be honest. I could have purchased a brand new sofa for much less than the fabric and labor on this sofa but there is something to be said for having the same comfortable sofa forever.
I have removed the two blue plates (which are from Mark's family farm-only thing left after a fire) and the pretty red scripture plate because they don't match. These are the new curtains - I saved lots of money by sewing them myself. You read about the new table and new light fixture in a post a couple of months ago.

Here is the view of the family room from the kitchen table. We had those cabinets custom made back when the kids were in middle school. The tv is in the left cabinet and the old dinosaur computer is in the right cabinet. There is a pull out desk under the computer and the rest is storage. The printer is in the cabinet under the computer. It is nice to be able to close stuff up when company comes over. Just a glimpse into our home!!

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