Monday, December 28, 2009


Since our mom died in 1973, my two sisters and I haven't visited with our relatives often enough. Our office was closed today and one of my sisters has been staying with us for the last week. Our other sister (the oldest) came to visit today. The three of us then went to visit our aunt and uncle and cousins. Here is a pic of the three of us - I'm on the left, Glenine is in the middle and Becky is on the right.

In my husband's family, we are always telling stories at Sunday lunch. I know far more about his past than my own because of that telling and re-telling each week. Today, the three of us enjoyed the telling and re-telling of our family stories and it was wonderful.

Uncle Henry told me that I look like our mom and that spending time with me was like spending time with her. I can't tell you how those words made my heart sing.
What a wonderful way to spend a Monday!!

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